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Pick a Louis Tomlinson quote. It takes twenty minute for Harry to wake up, and you are pretty sure everyone in the venue could his his yells. As she performed a cover of Fix You by Coldplay, she glanced over to her guitarist and shot him a pleased smile. He never even replied to your wedding invitation, and you knew why. I thought I wanted to break up, but seeing you with that other guy made my blood boil. Shooting Stars. Maybe he actually likes you and pretending to hate you is his defensive mechanism. Louis’ eyes widened. The lights around the bar were dim, but the spotlight shined on her as if my focus was not all on her anyway.


Love xx. Anonymous: Hiii love! You and Harry flew into Shanghai two days before the show which gave you enough time to explore the city a little and make sure that you were both prepared. You were going to be walking while Harry was performing because the producers thought the chemistry would make for good tv and it eased your nerves a little knowing that he would be there.

You had spent some time with the other models, but because of your success in your acting career, most of them were too star struck to talk to you, so you felt more comfortable spending the time before the show with Harry. You took his hand and stood, bringing out your dorky dance moves.

Read ‘You Come Home Crying’ – Harry Imagine from the story One Direction you goes on, “I had no idea you were dating one of the guys from One Direction.

Your cousin who was a few years younger than you had been obsessed with One Direction for what seemed like forever now. You thought it was pretty cute and, to be honest, you enjoyed watching their videos with her and listening to their music. So when your aunt had managed to get her hands on two backstage passes for a meet and greet before one of their shows when they came to play in your hometown, your cousin had about died and insisted you come with her. You threw on a casual short dress with flowers on it and paired it with your new tight, thigh-high black heel boots the day you were meant to go to the concert.

Casual and summery but nice enough to not feel like a total garbage bag when meeting some hot English guys and an Irish one who also happened to be some of the most famous musicians in the world. So you decided to put a little more effort than normal into your appearance today, though not excessively so – you would only be seeing them for a few minutes at most and the rest of the night would be spent in a sweaty mess of people watching the concert. Your cousin looked cute, too, wearing one of her many One Direction t-shirts and her favorite pink skirt with it.

You thought her crush on all the boys was adorable even though they were close to 10 years older than her. And she was bouncing out of her seat by the time you both hopped out of the car and made your way into the stadium, figuring out where you needed to be after talking to someone who worked at the venue and making your way backstage.

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After revealing your relationship to the public and being together for almost six months, both you and Niall decided it was the right time to meet his best mates. Niall grabbed his fresh clothes from his duffle, after your shared shower, and begins to change when you walk into the bedroom, from the closet in your bra and underwear.

You had just finished your shared shower with your boyfriend, not having enough energy to banter about the combination after a lazy night in with Niall. You see that Niall is dressed in his red, plaid button down, ripped jeans, and sneakers. This was most certainly not your first time together, that was around the anniversary of your fifth month, feeling that you both knew each other better than you knew yourselves and you were ready.

You smack his arms on the way out of the bathroom as he laughs, and grab your sunglasses, phone, and the keys to your SUV.

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The sound of a nose cracking was evident within the bar, the volume and violence associated with the gesture silencing the heaps of college students inside of the club. All eyes were on Harry Styles, the football star and quarterback, usually a mystery to the rest of the student body. The most anyone ever got out of him was a sneer or lazy acknowledgement. He was madly popular for his attitude, silent, deadly, and admittedly equally, madly attractive.

Harry Styles was always ready with a snappy comeback or a glare given from the simple flash of his intelligent eyes, clad in a leather jacket that fight almost too right, perfectly slicked back, thick thatches of hair, and a smirk. He kicked him away afterwards, huffing at the moans and cries the prick howled. Just about to kick his ribs, Harry growled when Niall Horan pulled him back, keeping a strong grip on his struggling arms. He kicked at each rib and tore at whatever flesh his hands could grope and pinch.

He was seeing red, kicking at every inch of the man that had even attempted to hurt his girl. He was seeing anger and the need to do her right. Her fingers are fiddling nervously and her eyes are disappointed and sad. They were supposed to go on a date after this. So, he tells her to keep this day available and reserved the best table at the restaurant.

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Lifting the soft material over your head, he bit his lower lip in awe at the sight of them. Lips sweetly attacked your nipple, his other hand playfully toying with your other breast. He departed from your needing breast, planting a kiss on your lips. His teeth playfully bite your neck, a red mark made into your skin. Should you wake him up? I mean, would you want to change the sheets after his orgasm?

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Harry: Sitting in a small coffee shop, you smile over at your boyfriend, laughing softly at something he says. It was more of a pity laugh really. You try, but fail, to stop the smile creeping onto your lips. We can both try at we can be happy. Zayn: You and your boyfriend were shopping, and you had a few different dresses to try on.

One of your friends was getting married, and you wanted to find a perfect dress for the ceremony. You were trying on the forth dress, and had just finished struggling with the zipper.

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You put down the brush you were using on your own hair and turn to face him. You said hello to the guys, gave out hugs and kisses on the cheek to everyone and just as Harry pulled out your seat for you, in walked the new guy. You turn, not having sat yet and come face to face with someone who made your blood run cold.

He could see how uncomfortable, scared even, you were at the sight of this man and everyone was immediately concerned, they had never seen you this way.

Harry: You too are coming home from a dinner date when you decided to stop off and grab an ice cream. “You want some ice-cream?” He asks.

She pouted and went back to typing something on her laptop. My phone buzzed from getting a text message. I walked out the door and shivered as the cold, crisp air hit me like a brick. He was dressed in a black blazer with a white t-shirt under it. Navy blue jeans and white converse. Is that ok? He clenched the driving wheel. I thought it was cute that he was nervous. I took a step closer to him and whispered.

We got to his room and he went to the dresser and pulled out gray joggers and a white jumper. I nodded and he handed them to me and left the room. I quickly put them on and stuffed my clothes into my bag. His blanket looked so thick and soft and I was freezing so I picked it up and wrapped it around my body. I went down the stairs and found Harry looking through a drawer of what seemed like films.

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She feels cold, uncomfortable, and lonely as she lays tiredly in her queen bed. She had called Harry ten minutes ago, whining like a little girl, begging him to sneak in so he can hold her against him. At first, she was used to spending nights without Harry. But in between those unforgettable nights, she was content enough to sleep by herself. Harry let out a slight chuckle, slowly sitting up so that his bare back rests gently against the headboard.

It’s All Your Fault One Shot: First Date. “It’s not fair! Why do you get a date with Harry Styles and I don’t!” Ava whined, as I got ready for my date.

His heart broke and he kissed your lips. I just need to get my shoes first. Don’t call me that! The doors open and you make your way down the aisle. You grab the cup of water and toss it in his face. Please practice hand-washing and social distancing, and check out our resources for adapting to these times. You start to drive away, and your driving really Louis- you and Louis went to lunch, and then he had some promos to do, so he dropped you off at your guys flat.

He went back and grabbed his book, letting you curl up into his chest like a cat. I want to be alone right now. Walking out of the bathroom and over to your closet, you grab your heels and head downstairs. She wheeled you away and left your best friend standing worried about you and the baby.

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